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New Solution Designed for the Payment at the Exit 24.4. 2018 - At the Intertraffic trade show, Amsterdam, held in March 2018, GREEN Center introduced a new option for the payment of parking fees directly at the car park exit. This solution has a wide range of use - from small projects to large multi-storey car parks.
The GREEN Center developers have extended the equipment and options of the Economy autonomous automatic pay station. This has resulted in the new GP4MS automatic pay station. This pay station is fully interconnectable with the GP4P Variant parking system designed for the administration of car parks. At the same time, this system provides all advantages of the Economy solution. The system allows a wide range of both cash and non-cash payments. It is also equipped with a receipt printer, a parking card swallower and an option for the payment of associated services provided by the system as e.g. the charging of electric cars. In addition to this, the GP4MS automatic pay station meets the standards for the operation by disabled people. As all controls are placed in the distance accessible to the driver, the operation of the system from a vehicle window is trouble-free and comfortable.
The automatic pay station is located directly at the car park exit. This allows the operators of large car parks to increase the comfort of their customers by the VIP exits or fast exits for drivers who are in a hurry. For smaller projects with less intense operation, the automatic pay station at the exit may lead to a significant decrease of purchase costs and operating costs.

For more information on the GP4MS automatic pay station and other GREEN Center products, please, do not hesitate to contact our Business Department:


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