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GREEN Center is Introducing a New Function - Yellow List 22.1.2018 - GREEN Center has again extended options for the use of the camera system for reading vehicle licence plates – GPP LPR. This system allows a vehicle at the car park entry or exit to be recognized according to its licence plate. This speeds up traffic significantly, provides drivers with higher comfort and allows licence plates to be allocated different attributes and authorizations.  

Yellow list is another function developed by GREEN Center in order to increase efficiency of the car park administration and to improve the prevention of offences. In the administration system, Yellow list indicates licence plates of cars that, in the past, left the car park in a non-standard way and the system could not detect their exit. This can happen, for example, due to drivers who left the car park without paying the parking fee in the “train“ formation, i.e. closely behind the vehicle that was just leaving the car park. These non-standard exits can be in breach of rules related to paid parking, safety measures or company orders. The licence plate numbers can be added to the Yellow list also manually, if an offence is committed in the car park and is recorded by security system cameras or reported by a witness.  

If the vehicle whose LP has been entered to Yellow list comes again to the car park, this fact is reported to the car park attending staff and they can deal with the situation. This report is displayed on the computer of the attending staff. Optionally, this report may be accompanied by a sound signal. Warning via email is also possible.

The Yellow list function has been developed as an extension to the existing functions of Black list, White list and Grey list. For more information on all products of the GREEN Center portfolio, please, contact our professionals in the Business department, e-mail address:


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