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GREEN Center introduces Web Card Checker 23. 8. 2017 GREEN Center has extended the assortment for the validation of parking cards by a new product - GP4C Web – Web Card Checker. Web Card Checker represents a web validation solution that is a multi-platform, user friendly and more economical solution compared to alternative hardware options.

Web Card Checker allows the modification of certain features of parking cards. The change of features can be defined in different ways and, therefore, it can fulfil variable functions. The most frequent types of performed operations are the provision of free parking for a certain time unit (e.g. free parking for 1 hour), the provision of free parking for the whole time of parking (from the moment of the car park entry to the moment of the parking card validation), the modification of the parking card access, the parking card deactivation, reactivation, etc. From a technical point of view, Web Card Checker is a software application run on a web server to which users can connect via a computer network. The application can be controlled in the standard web browser environment on any device, independent platform or installed operation system. The parking card number can be entered into the application either manually via a keyboard or with the use of a connected bar code reader which may be found more comfortable. Web Card Checker supports the configuration of one to sixteen different operations out of which a selection can be subsequently made complying with a specific situation. Thanks to its characteristics, Web Card Checker represents a suitable alternative to hardware validation terminals. “To control the application, users can make use of existing facilities, e.g. the client computer station placed at the reception or information point. The implementation of validation functions, therefore, does not require the installation of an independent validation hardware, a bar code reader, data or power supply cables to every workplace. For the car park users, Web Card Checker can thus save not only space but also a significant amount of money.“ says Tomáš Zdobnický, Manager of Production and Development. For more information on the product, please, contact our Business Department specialists, the email address is


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