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GREEN Center introduces a new application - Park Info 26.9.2017 - GREEN Center has extended the portfolio of applications for effective car park operation. The company is coming with a new application - Park Info – that allows the online monitoring of the car park occupancy via a smart phone, tablet or computer.  

The Park Info web application shows its users the number of presently vacant parking spaces in a monitored car park or its zones. It, therefore, represents a useful tool that helps to avoid lengthy searching for a free parking zone and enables drivers to head directly for a car park with available parking spaces.  
The application is connected online to the GP4P Variant parking system that continuously monitors the car park occupancy situations in individual zones. So, the current information on vacant parking spaces is always accessible to users. The application has been developed with regard to be transparent and easy to use to the maximum possible extent. Drivers are able to check conveniently the occupancy situation during their journey and be flexible with their decision on the most advantageous car park zone.  
The application can be used in many ways: it can display information obtained from an individual car park divided into zones or from several separated car parks. Park Info has been designed for all types of customers. It can be used by cities that operate several can parks on their territories and wish to provide citizens with information on the nearest suitable car park. Further, it can be used by companies that own or operate several car parks in some area and want to guide their employees or customers to vacant parking spaces, or by companies that have a car park with limited capacity and need to ensure its smooth operation.  
The Park Info graphics can be adjusted in accordance with individual needs and requirements of customers. Occupancy information can be displayed as a text or as transparent graphs. Park Info represents an easy and intelligent way to make the parking process faster, easier and more comfortable.

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