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A new product in the GREEN Center portfolio! 2.5. 2018 - In co-operation with the Mewa GmbH company based in Germany, GREEN Center has developed a new model of a parking machine designed for on-street parking - PSA 3000. Main advantages of this product are an interesting design and an extensive range of functionalities.
The parking machine is devised for various payment options – cash, non-cash and also chip cards (e.g. city cards, prepaid cards). An option also available for making the parking fee payment is to enter the vehicle licence plate number. Therefore, the parking machine is suitable for zones equipped with the checking of the fee payment via a master system (e.g. the municipal police force) that monitors licence plate numbers. In order the administration was as easy as possible, the machine is equipped with a module for the sending of operational information (the running out of paper and coins, the out of order mode, etc.) as well as various lists and statistics. Thus, the attending staff can be sent to the place only if necessary. Last but not least, another advantage is the parking machine security. Its robust structure, three point locking and an independent door for the exchange of a security cash box makes it resistant to vandals and thefts.

For more information on the PSA 3000 parking machine and other GREEN  Center products, please, do not hesitate to contact our Business Department:


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