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GPP LPR 10 test questions to ask about parking and GDPR GREEN Center products designed for car park administration belong to the category of technological devices that process personal data. In all EU countries, the personal data processing is strictly regulated by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). This issue is complex and demanding and failure to fulfil the EU requirements brings about certain risks. Hereby, we present a set of questions that should provide you with information on whether you know these requirements and comply with them:

1. Do you know that all camera systems saving the recordings represent personal data processing?

2. Do you know that licence plate numbers of all vehicles up to 7.5 T are considered to be personal data?

3. Do you know there are personal data processing rules and each entity which processes personal data has to respect and observe these rules?

4. Do you know that personal data can be processed solely on the basis of the principle of legality of the processing?

5. Do you know what the determination of the personal data processing purpose is used for? Have you set your purpose properly while, at the same time, this purpose cannot be considered speculative?

6. Do you know that in case of an inspection from the Data Protection Authority you will have to submit appropriate documents related to each camera system (with the exception of collision detection cameras)?

7. Do you know what the documents have to contain and how to prepare them?

8. Do you know that camera systems belong to the type of personal data processing that is considered to be the processing that assesses the behaviour of individuals? Camera systems, therefore, belong to the systems which represent a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

9. Can you process the assessment of the effect on the personal data protection?

10. Do you carry out everything what you are required by the personal data processing legal regulations?

If your answer has been 10-times YES, undoubtedly, you are well informed about this area. If it has been otherwise, we recommend you to take a close look at this topic and, for example, use the services of professional consultants.


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